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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


by Mauverneen

Looking into the city
Although I grew up about 40 miles southwest of a world class travel destination - that great big wonderful windy city of Chicago, I tend to take it for granted. And like most people around here, I don’t get there often enough. A fact that hits home whenever I do get there. ‘Why don’t I come here more often?’ is what I ask myself every time! 

Iconic guardians of the Art Institute

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


by Mauverneen
A twisted wire hanger makes a great perch
It’s mid September. The hummingbirds are gearing up for their migration to points south.  I'll miss the little buggers!  They have kept me occupied many a summer day; making their sugar water, filling their feeders, watching them chase each other away from the feeders, and of course, trying to capture that perfect shot with my camera. They’re fast and not easy to catch. When I set up my tripod in front of the feeders the game is on.  If I focus over ‘here’, they are over ‘there’, and as soon as I move over ‘there’, they prefer it ‘here’!  I swear they know what’s going on.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


by Mauverneen

window shopping in the rain
Window shopping. An engaging, indulgent pastime intended to while away the hours  daydreaming, while building up our defensive skills learning to say no to temptation. It’s an inexpensive diversion that is akin to buying a lottery ticket – for a few hours you can be as rich as a Bill Gates or a Donald Trump. You can eyeball the same $38,000 handbag as Oprah - if you happen to be in the same neighborhood.