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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy 2020

by Mauverneen

     Wow. Another year done. Did it seem to go as fast for you as it did for me? And the new year is 2020. We used to think that was so far into the future that it sounded like science fiction, yet here it is.       I remember ringing in the year 2000. Some thought the world would end and that our computers would all implode, but the world celebrated the New Year as it always had, maybe a bit more fully, more extravagant, more apprehensive. But we all woke up the next morning to marvel that the '90's were behind us. Hard to believe it's been 20 years.  
      People dreamed that by 2020 cars would fly, we would reach Mars, and have fully automated homes, and robots to do our bidding. While we may not have actual cars that fly - yet - a couple of companies are definitely experimenting with them and in Dubai the police do have flying motorcycles. And there are hoverboards. While we have not yet put a man on Mars, we have put a roving vehicle there, and as far as our homes being automated... well how many of us have a Roomba? A Ring doorbell? And how many of us have Alexa turn that coffee pot on in the morning? We're getting more and more  automated. If only they could come up with something that would haul my trash bin to the curb every week!    
      As far as cars go, we have self-park, self-drive, and so many interior options that were only dreams in the not too distant past. With just the touch of a finger our dashboards can hook us up to our phone, the internet, music and video. It tells us not just how fast we are going, but how many miles we have left before we run out of gas, the outside temperature, cameras that help us back up, and sensors that help us avoid collisions. Some systems can even detect a drowsy driver. And let's not forget the GPS! It is so common, we just take it for granted these days. But my favorite of all? Heated seats! Sure beats a hot brick and a lap robe.
      We still hold to tradition though, in many ways, particularly in the food we eat; champagne at midnight, herring on New Year's Day, or grapes, or peas. And of course, making resolutions. One tradition I've only recently heard of is taking your empty suitcase for a walk around the block to bring you a year filled with travel. I may give this one a try as I toast the New Year.  
      With 2020 upon us, I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year! May it bring you better things than you could ever have imagined.