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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


by Mauverneen

'Show me some tobacco'

a:  an insect or other creeping or crawling invertebrate (as a spider or centipede)
b:  any of several insects (as the bedbug or cockroach) commonly considered obnoxious

My kitchen sink is being invaded by large black ants. I know – the sink? But, yes, that’s where they seem to want to hang out, in spite of the fact that I have several strategically placed ant traps. I’m used to ants getting into the hummingbird feeders – but the kitchen sink? I thought they didn’t like water!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Positively Loving the Classics

by Mauverneen
I do love the old cars.

If you are going to be anywhere in the neighborhood of OakBrook, Illinois on Sunday, June 15th, the Father’s Day Car Show will be going on from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Oakbrook shopping center. An annual event put together by the Greater Illinois Region of the Classic Car Club of America, it will have approximately 200 antiques, classics and some specialty cars on display for your viewing pleasure.

The focus of the Classic Car Club of America is of course on the ‘Grand Classics’ – cars manufactured before 1948. Although not all cars in those years qualify for that designation, the club does publish a comprehensive list on their website. If you’re interested in the classics you can find out about the various regional clubs across the country on their website as well. You need not be an owner, just an admirer – like me.

For anyone as enamored of these old cars as I am, car shows are a great way to get to see them. Lots of them. A number of the cars on display come from ‘collections’, museums, have won awards at some prestigious shows like Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Pinehurst, etc. and some have belonged to VIPs and Hollywood stars.  It’s so nice to know that these pieces of history are being preserved and loved and shared. And driven.
Chic indeed!
Who’s head doesn’t turn at the sight of an ‘old car’ – classic or not – tooling down the road. And if they are in the course of a tour or a run, seeing several going by at once is a sight to behold. Owners are very protective of these ‘babies’ and some don’t get driven, but trailered to and from. It’s amazing though how many of these cars are driveable. Much of the fun in owning one is the chance to take it out on the road.
Classic Hood ornament
Awesome details

If you have a dad who loves the old cars, it’s a pretty neat way to spend some time together.  If you love the old cars, come early and enjoy the show, you’ll still have time to head on over afterwards and spend some quality time with dad. And if you’re not in the vicinity of this particular show, look up some classic car shows in your area. View the cars, talk to the owners – they love to talk about their cars. And who knows – you just might fall in love – with a Deusenberg. Or a Packard. Or a……

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