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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Positively Frosted

 by Mauverneen

It's been a good week. 

The holidays are over. I took down my Christmas tree and decorations and as always, it looks so bare. It makes me want to redecorate, spruce things up, liven them up. It's just not the same without the Christmas lights. But I've been distracted. 

It's not all that hard to distract me, but there's been some snow, and some frost, and the world beyond my door is beautiful. I know, it's not the same if you have to drive in it. But it's beautiful all the same. And nothing makes me lose myself more than having something to photograph. So, I put on my boots...

It's white, and it's wondrous, and, except for the crunching of my boots on the snow,  it's silent. Frost on branches, snow on weeds, ice crystals, it all looks enticing. Like frosting on cake, it looks delicious. I'm lost in a winter wonderland. Trite words, but there are no others. 

Getting back inside and checking my photographs on my computer screen I am disappointed. The pictures have not done it justice. Some are blurry and some are just blah. Looks like I'll just have to put my boots back on...

Upside down world in my lensball

Autumn's leftovers

Tomato cages in the garden

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