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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Positively - what?

by Mauverneen

If you're reading this... Congratulations, you're alive.  If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is.”  Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Your Head
Sometimes inspiration in in your face. Other days, it's nowhere.
      I spent yesterday wandering around the house, looking for inspiration; alternately putting things away from Sunday's Easter dinner, doing laundry, snacking, adding a word or two to my work in progress for The Dashboard which is quickly creeping past deadline, snacking, and staring at my computer wondering what in the world to write - both for my magazine articles and for my blog. None of which was getting it done. Maybe I should just be thankful I got the kitchen cleared and some clothes washed. But what I really wanted to find was some inspiration - some days it's worse than looking for those Easter eggs. 
      There are plenty of fun projects on my list, but I'm trying to be good and not think about them until my deadlines are met. A difficult task! It's always oh so tempting to jump ahead to the fun stuff.
      Today I know I won't get anything done at all. I will be spending some hours sitting in the hospital waiting for my mother who is having a procedure done as an outpatient. Which is probably why I was a little more anxious to get something done yesterday. I needed to see a little progress. So I stuck with it - on and off - more or less.
      At the end of the day, I actually could claim a little progress. And I did get some laundry done. 
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