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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

POSITIVELY Looking Ahead

by Mauverneen
Helloooo 2016!
We've bid goodbye to the past and we now look ahead, hoping this year will be better than last year, hoping this year will be the BIG one. The year we win the lottery, find success, happiness, a soul mate, a job....  the year our dreams come true, whatever they may be.
Hope and possibilities - that's what every new year signifies.
Although I don't necessarily make 'resolutions' I do look forward to a new year, and I do take stock of the previous one and hope to do better the next 12 months. Get more organized, travel more, work on that novel!
Dalai Lama Quote
An inspiring quote if ever there was one!
I particularly like the Dalai Lama's advice. I am starting out 2016 by going somewhere, but it's somewhere I have been before. It's been a while, but Arizona is calling me. Although I've been there before, I hope to have some new experiences this time through.