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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Positively Normal (almost)

 by Mauverneen

We're all ready for this

I had a busy weekend. On the run four days in a row. The week before, I had a little vacation. I was in Door County Wisconsin, one of my favorite places on earth. Life seemed back to normal. After being quarantined, locked down and shut in for over a year, being on the go wore me out. But that's ok. It's not a complaint. Definitely not a complaint. 

It's great to see friends, go places like the Art Institute, and out to dinner, and a picnic. But I'm a little nervous. I keep a mask in my purse or my pocket, just in case somewhere would still require it, or if I feel a little uncomfortable with a lot of people around. And I admit to feeling a bit uncomfortable in a crowd. I wish I could say with confidence that this thing - this Covid, this pandemic - is behind us. But no one knows for sure. So I will continue to be cautious.

I've been vaccinated just so I COULD go places like Door County, the Art Institute, have dinner in a restaurant and get together with my friends. It's a great feeling - to feel normal. To be free to go out, move about. And it's a good feeling to be able to stay in today, put my feet up, maybe take a nap because I'm tired because I've been busy, because I've got a life back. Life is good. Let's enjoy it. 

Art Institute of Chicago - The Obama Portraits

Sunset in Door County

Exhilerating Waves

...and car shows. Did I mention car shows?!

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