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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Positively Familiar Faces

by Mauverneen

A recent trip to the Art Institute of Chicago with friends really boosted my spirits. I always find a trip to Chicago exciting and invigorating. A visit to the Art Museum is calming and uplifting. That may sound contradictory, but for me, it is a rejuvenating experience, a lovely respite that both soothes and feeds the soul. 

Wandering through at a leisurely pace there is always something new to be seen, and old favorites to be visited. There is something special about spotting a famous painting - like spotting a celebrity on a crowded street - that catches me somewhat by surprise. Like a starstruck teenager, I stand in awe gazing  at paintings I've read about, or maybe only seen photos of.  Like stories come to life, materialized right in front of me.  

Of course we saw the current Manet exhibit. As far back as high school I always preferred Manet to Monet. 

I decided to post a few 'familiar faces.'
Spring (Jeanne) Edouard Manet
The Child's Bath, Mary Cassatt

Two Sisters (On the Terrace),  Pierre-Auguste Renoir

American Gothic, Grant Wood

Rembrandt is, of course, outstanding. His portraits to me are absolutely mesmerizing. 

Young Woman At An Open Half Door, Rembrandt

Old Man With A Gold Chain, Rembrandt
Self Portrait, Rembrandt
Mrs George Swinton, John Singer Sargent

And - one more familiar 'face' most of us will recognize...
Cow's Skull with Calico Roses, Georgia O'Keefe