Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Positively Flowers and Gardens

by Mauverneen
Luv this little gnome
It’s been all about gardens the past couple of weeks – first there was Garden Day at the local greenhouse and then the Flower and Garden show at Navy Pier.  Today I’m going to a watercolor class – in the Greenhouse.
It was a gray, drizzly day when my aunt and I decided to take the train into the city to see the Flower and Garden Show.  A perfect day to go – we were so looking forward to all the colors of spring.  I could smell the flowers even as we came up the stairs to the exhibition hall.  I’d almost forgotten that lovely aroma!  I breathed deep.

Glorious poppies!
A wrought iron canopy surrounded by flowers welcomed visitors as we entered the show.  Welcome to summer! 

Multitudes of brightly colored tulips
It was amazing to see full blown gardens, trees, decks and waterfalls inside. I want a firepit. I want a waterfall. I want a gazebo. Oooh and I want that hanging chair. I heard more than one person echo those sentiments as we walked through the show – I want one.

Romantic garden vignette
And there were a host of vendors offering all manner of plants, bulbs, and gardening supplies. I was so tempted to buy lilies and rhubarb and asparagus and  - oh who am I kidding?  I wanted it all!
Vertical gardening! Salad and strawberries
There were so many ideas, my head was spinning. Vertical gardening is an awesome concept and I can’t wait to give it a try. My lettuce and spinach are coming off the ground this year and going up the side of the shed – it will give me more room for tomato plants or beans or something. I can also envision strawberries hanging from the gutters that I’m going to hang along the side of that shed and walls of greenery around the deck!  I’m still not sure where to put the firepit.

Firepit AND a pond!

Of course there were gardening seminars too. The one that intrigued me was all about straw bale gardening.  I can’t wait to try this one!  You can plant the top AND the sides.  You should get two seasons out of it, and the third? You just knock it apart for a pile of beautiful compost.  Who knew? (If you want to try this, do a little reading first http://strawbalegardens.com/ – you have to treat the bale before you plant in it for the first time.)

Ahh spring, and flowers, and gardens, and green grass. Too bad it snowed this morning. I hope it’s Positively the last snowfall of this season!  I’’ve got planting to do!
Garden humor

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