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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've been giving lots of thought to starting a blog and have finally decided to go ahead and just do it.  Not that I feel I'm an authority on anything, but I do have some strong opinions and comments on world events that I'm willing to share.  And people keep asking to see my photos, so I will be posting new ones regularly, along with stories, anecdotes, news of my travels and whatever else I might find interesting and hope you do too.  Comments are always welcome.  I hope we can have a discussion or two along the way!
You are probably wondering why I've called it 'Positively Tuesday.'
There is so much negativity everywhere I go that I thought it would be great to dedicate one day of the week to being positive.  And I picked Tuesday.  No one's positive on a Monday when they have to go back to work after the weekend, so we'll leave Monday alone.  Be crabby all you want on Monday.  But on Tuesday I'm asking that we all say only positive things. Or at least find one positive thing to say.  If we can get used to the thought of having one good day a week, maybe we can work up to considering being happy and positive another day of the week, too.  Like your mother told you - If you can't say anthing nice, save it for Wednesday.
So what have I got to be positive about on this fine Tuesday?  Hey - I've started my blog!

This little visitor was at my door this morning.  He heard it was Positively Tuesday and came out to smell the roses!


  1. Hey Mauverneen,
    I love your blog name and the opening picture.
    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the worlds ails and how to cure them. Or at least how to tolerate them and the dufusses responsible for them.
    See how you have your work cut out for you? Getting my cynicism uplifted by Tues afternoon is going to be quite a feat. :-) So lets have at it shall we?

  2. you've made my Tuesday.......Thank you. It was great to read and see Paris, glad you have a great time.

  3. I like your idea for the blog! They say that frogs are a symbol of good luck, so perhaps your little visitor was a good omen. The photos of Paris are lovely and have me excited since we leave for Paris ourselves on Saturday! Any recommendations on a little place to grab a great bite to eat would be very welcome! Happy Tuesday....

  4. Good initative.