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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


by Mauverneen

The world is a peaceful place at 6 in the morning.  Before the traffic noises begin, before the hurrying and the rushing and the deadlines that begin to loom. The birds sing and fly about, looking for breakfast, the deer tentatively creep out of the woods, the flowers turn their faces upwards hoping for sun. Light breezes stir the leaves and the grass as if mother nature herself were passing by.

 Early mornings are full of promise. The promise of sun, the promise of rain, the possibility of new opportunities; aspirations, motivations, resolution and enthusiasm all prosper in that peaceful calm.

The morning light too is more gentle, creeping into existence slowly, peeking through trees, over roof or mountain tops, teasing us with it’s entrance like a curtain slowly parting. Even the colors of the world are more subdued in the early hours.

We should take a lesson from nature; Get up slowly, ease into the world.

I enjoy early mornings. I love to step outside, no matter what the weather, with a cup of coffee and just – be. For a few moments the deadlines and the stress can wait. For the moment I am nature’s child.

Peaceful is the way the world was meant to be I think. Harmonious. There are maelstroms of madness of course – in exploding volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. But those are aberrations, tantrums of mother nature, if you will. And once done, the world settles back to it’s peaceful state.

The day begins, the world gets louder, faster, crazier. We make our way through it, waiting for the respite of the night to rejuvenate our bodies.
And we wake to a new day, another chance, a new world of possibility.
Fiery Sunrise

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  1. You words, eloquently said and photos are a soothing balm. A "Positively" wonderful post!