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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Positively Looking for Some Color

by Mauverneen

Metallic blue on yellow
I think what I miss most during the winter is the color. Talk about shades of gray – winter is a black and white world compared to the rest of the seasons. The grass, when you can see it at all, is a dull brown, the trees are bare or have clumps of brown leaves, and the pure, pristine white of the snow only lasts so long before it too turns gray
Red and Yellow
It seems that spring will never get here. But it will. Eventually. At least the seed catalog people seem to think so, I’ve gotten three so far.  And who can resist paging through?  Especially this time of year! Red strawberries and raspberries, yellow ears of corn, orange pumpkins, purple roses, golden marigolds, pink blossoms, lilacs and lavender.  All that luscious color!  It leaves me yearning for my garden.

Purple Petunias
I enjoy visiting gardens wherever I travel and I have been to some lovely ones!  I enjoy the meandering paths that lead past fountains, ponds, and flowers with those glorious displays of color!  I find Japanese gardens especially soothing.  Lovely, balanced, calming - they are masters of the art of gardening. I can close my eyes right now and feel the sun's warmth as I listen to quiet, peaceful sounds of water trickling over rocks, birdsong and the rustle of the plants as a slight breeze passes through.

Gazebo at Longwood Gardens
 A garden is a wondrous thing - alive with color, movement and sound.  In my hometown of Joliet, Illinois we have a small public garden and greenhouse, which is a delightful spot to find hummingbirds and butterflies in the summer and in winter the greenhouse - with its tropical trees and waterfall - is an oasis. 
Cactus flowers, Tucson, AZ
If you’re lucky enough to have any type of botanical garden in your area with a greenhouse or conservatory, it makes a brief, but refreshing, escape from the winter blahs and cabin fever.  It makes you remember that spring really is just around the corner.

Kensington Garden, London
Butchart Gardens, in Vancouver is one exceptional garden. A ferry from Port Angeles, WA is one way to get there. With views of the majestic mountains across the water, it is an experience. Plan to spend the better part of a day - the gardens are fabulous!
Longwood Gardens is located in Kennett Square, PA

A Perfect Rose in Butchart Gardens

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  1. Lovely, balanced and calming wonderfully describes this colorful post! The luscious colors of the petunias made my day - thank you Maureen!!