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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Positively Playing With Food

by Mauverneen

Well, the big day is just about here. Hopefully the decorations are up, the shopping is done, presents wrapped, and we have all had a couple of hours here and there to bask in the glow of the Christmas lights and enjoy a sip of egg nog along with a Christmas cookie or two. We can now look forward to a couple of days of eating.

I am sure we all have our traditional foods. Mine includes fish soup, potatoes, nut breads, and a thin wafer called Oplatky. Only those with similar ethnic backgrounds will appreciate that menu! But traditions evolve as families evolve - to include gumbo and raspberry bars.

I have in the past made a Christmas tree shaped cake with green frosting, and maraschino cherries filling in for ornaments (like the second picture). Recently, as I browsed the internet, I came across some truly inspired Christmas themed goodies. If you need the instructions, just google them. That's how I found them in the first place. Enjoy! And if you have time, have fun making something festive!

My tree cake looked similar to this, but this one is cupcakes arranged to shape the tree.
Pretzel logs or chocolate frosted cupcakes can make the base
or just arrange those cupcakes in a circle and add a bow. Voila! A wreath
A little short on time? cut a pan of brownies into triangles and decorate.
Candy canes or fat pretzels make great tree trunks!
Santa is always popular (how cute are these!)
You can even skip the cookie - just decorate your strawberries - clever!
Reindeer games! love those pretzel antlers
Elf cupcakes
These teddy bears in sleighs are just too cute! 
Even your veggies can look fun
or your cheese platter
My favorite! Santa Sushi! Seriously. An instruction video will help you with this one

Dress up your drinks
What kid wouldn't love to see a glass of milk look like this on Christmas morning

A little gingerbread with your cocoa?  

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Everybody likes cookies! Especially the crumbs
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