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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Positively Telluride!

Today I have a guest post.  Shelane is a travel planner, world traveler and - oh, yes - my daughter. Currently she and her husband and their two Pugs are living the nomad life for a couple of months.

From Alta Lakes to Telluride

For the love of 

Hello to All!

A neat little fact about Telluride.  It got its name because, many years ago, it was difficult to access the town by horse.  So when anyone was heading that way, they would say, "To hell you ride.".  Said quickly, it's now Telluride.  I thought that was worth sharing.

We left The Observatory (our oh-so-rustic cabin) for Telluride and we stayed up in Mountain Village where the skiers will catch the gondola.  The fun thing in the summer is that the gondola is free and you can hitch a ride up the mountain and go down into town for dinner (or vice versa). This makes going to dinner SUPER FUN.

This little town has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years and I have friends here.  They came in the late 1990's  (penniless) and have seen this town go from freethinker outpost to luxury ski town in the last 20 years.  (A little house here that was once valued at about $180,000 is now about $3M)  It was rather cool to see what had happened to a couple of people who followed their hearts, rather than what we are taught to feel 'obligated to do' by society. We met for lunch at The Chop House at New Sheridan Hotel and caught up.  A happy day. My takeaway for others: Follow your heart before you have put down roots and can't.  It's so much easier to start over or follow your dreams when you have nothing to lose.

The more we are here, the more we don't want to leave.  Photos attached of Alta Lake, the town of Telluride, and the gondola.  I've always questioned why anyone lives in the Midwest (my heart has never been there)....but being away from Chicago this long is having some affect  on me.  It's a good thing.  Maybe it's the fact that because we have our dogs with us, but we don't feel a need to go back very quickly.

We are heading for Park City, where we plan on staying put for about a month and enjoying the local area as a 'home base'.

Happy Fourth of July to All!  Will send photos of the celebration in Park City!


Shelane and Len

P.S. I asked my friends and some other locals about the absence of bears at Alta Lake and they said it was 'Bullshit'.  In fact, they say they're everywhere.  No grizzlies, "just black and brown bear".

Colorado Avenue (their main street) is STUNNING and full of cool shops and bars.  I'm told there are no lines here in the ski season.
The New Sheridan Bar is quite happening.
Absolutely fabulous restaurant that we went to for dinner.  It's a tiny house and we wouldn't have known about it if someone hadn't recommended it.

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