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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Positively Futuristic

by Mauverneen

A recent trip with a car club took us to the Klairmont Kollection, in Chicago, IL. - A mind boggling assemblage of over 300 cars.
Classics, one-offs, concept cars, small cars...he has one of everything it seems. What really captivated me on this day however were the concept cars. Looking like something out of the Jetsons, these manufacturers concept cars were truly futuristic., Not only were they design stand-outs, but completely luxurious!

A 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II with custom bubble top was customized for Alex Drier, a tv personality, with gold metallic paint, customized bumpers and a plexiglass bubble top.

Look at those seats!

A Ford 1962 Vortex three wheel Speedster was featured in magazines and tv ads. It took designer Jerry Woodward six years to hand build this car - it caused a sensation and was touted as the car of the future.   

Me - trying to get the back of the car in the mirror

This 2002 Lincoln Continental  concept car combines an Aston Martin with a V-12 engine and a Jaguar six speed transmission. Suicide doors, fiber optic technology headlamps, hydraulically operated deck lid, built-in laptop computer, beverage dispenser, rear door umbrella holders, and sheepskin flooring are some of it's amenities.

It even comes with custom luggage for that dream road trip!

A custom 'lime gold' metallic paint job, sleek dash and console, and vanilla cream interior make this Don Russo Ford a standout!

 I was quite taken with this lilac colored monster.
Another Ford - a 1955 'Beatnic bubble top' - is a mix of Cadillac, Chrysler, and Lincoln components. Hand formed steel and aluminum, this car won numerous awards. I like the clear bubble top - no blind spots!
No visible door handles had me wondering...  What looked like a design element on a rear panel did move, but I was not going to push too hard. I didn't want parts to start moving! 

Rolled and pleated white interior and stunning wrapped dash. Note the steering wheel and that center bubble. The bubble contains the speedometer, gauges, lighting controls and who knows what else! 

Even the engine is beautiful

The Klairmont Kollection is located in downtown Chicago and is open only to groups of 20 or more and by appointment only.

Have a Positively Positive Tuesday!

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