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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Positively Frosty - Through a New Lens

by Mauverneen

We have had a rather mild winter here so far. A few mornings of a light snow, but mostly mornings of heavy frost. Grass is still green, some plants are still growing, trees are still shedding their leaves. It's those frosty mornings that have me enchanted. 

My mornings begin with making the coffee, then taking the dog out while the coffee brews. Lately, I bring my dog in, grab my camera and dash back outside to grab a photo of a frosted leaf or branch or whatever. I don't have too many close neighbors, but if anyone is catching the show I must look a bit crazed, running in and out. Sometimes with a dog, sometimes with a camera and at times coming back out yet again with the cell phone to grab an Instagram photo op.

 Just as the snow transforms the ordinary world into a wonderland, so too, sometimes, does the frost. I can see my footprints and those of my dog. I hesitate to leave too many tracks. 

There is beauty in simplicity. A single leaf is transformed with a covering of frost.  Pine needles, branches, even the grass become separate species entirely. Looked at afresh, appreciated differently, examined from a different perspective. 

They say familiarity breeds if not contempt, at least boredom. Taking people and things for granted is a by-product of 'familiarity'. I wish there were glasses I could put on to see everything fresh, from a new perspective. Glasses that would 'frost over' their flaws and their failures and let me see people in a new light.  How nice it would be to be able to always appreciate everyone. To not take for granted those around us. To celebrate that uniqueness in each and every one of us. To know that under that familiar exterior there are secrets, and passions and dreams, talents and untouted accomplishments. Beauty. 

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