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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Positively Chillin'

by Mauverneen

Feeling like the Ice Queen
I had a nice little get-away last weekend. A couple of days in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Why go north in the winter you may ask - most people go South. Well, to be perfectly honest, it wasn't really my idea. I was invited. And - I do love Wisconsin. 

If you can find winter activities to enjoy, it makes those cold months go by faster and they are not so dreadful. As I kid, I skated on the creek, went sledding, and built snowmen. It was fun. And we always had our parents to make sure we didn't stay out there too long and get frost bite. (I did have a friend though, who stuck her mouth on a sled runner. FYI: Your wet lips will stick to cold metal, just like your tongue. And no, I did not dare her.) 

As an adult, you can still do those things, but more often than not, favorite winter activities become watching someone else shovel your walk and sipping mulled cider. 

The group I was with spent time in an 'igloo', sipping champagne prior to going inside for dinner. I've decided I want one of these for my own back yard. Cozy, peaceful, and with a bit of heat, it was pretty darn relaxing. 

We were also treated to 'Ice Castles', an attraction built in only six cities; five across the U.S. and one in Canada. The weather warmed up a bit that day and the icicles were dripping but we were assured we were perfectly safe. I'm sorry we did not get to see it at night, it looks completely enchanting lit with colored lights.

Hotel amenities, like a nice pool, a spa, steam room; good restaurants on site or off, and shopping some fun stores always makes for a nice get-away, even in the winter. Maybe especially in the winter.

Inside an ice cave

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