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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Positively Penguins!

by Mauverneen

Everybody loves a penguin it seems. And how could you not? Look at that face!

My daughter and I heard about 'After Hours: Penguin Party' at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium and we decided to go.

'After Hours' programs, in case you don't know, are held at lots of museums. Often you have special access to exhibits, there is usually food and drink available, and it's a lot less crowded. Not to mention fun.

Being the aquarium, we saw lots of creatures besides penguins, but it was indeed all about those adorable Penguins! Besides the real thing, there were penguin souvenirs like plush penguins and penguin cookies!

There are different varieties of course, but being no expert I can't guarantee what these were (I believe Magellanic and African). Nevertheless, they are adorable. Small - only about a foot tall - and oh, so cute! They waddle adorably, hop when going up or down rocky terrain, and swim quite fast. The ones they brought out to showcase were friendly, not the least bit afraid of people, and were quite fond of getting treats. Everyone wanted to get up close to them. No touching was allowed, but there were a limited number of personal visits with a penguin and a trainer that one could sign up for. Unfortunately, we were too late for that. But we did get to see them up close, and spent time in front of the penguin exhibit watching them, along with everyone else.

We walked from the train station to the aquarium, stopping about halfway for lunch. Of course I was taking pictures along the way. And my daughter was taking pictures of me taking pictures. Which amused us both. Immensely!

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