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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Positively Sneaky Christmas

 by Mauverneen

Christmas is in a few days.

How is it that Christmas always manages to sneak up on us?  We all know it's coming, we count down the months, then the days. We have a whole year to get ready for it. And yet...

At the last minute it's always OhMyGodChristmasisnextweek! Christmasisthisweek! 

I know there are people out there who have it all under control. I'm not one of them. I have good intentions, I really do. During the year I'll see something in a shop, on the internet, and think 'Oh, so and so would love that!' And then, generally, it falls to the back of my mind. Until about a week before Christmas and then I regretfully wish I had bought it and I'm scrambling to find something equally fitting. 

This year - the year of Covid (ugh!) - has been especially hard. I haven't really been anywhere to pick up anything unique and I certainly don't feel like mingling with the hoards of masked shoppers - not that there are many stores to even shop at these days. Actually I might feel safe with all those masks - fewer germs of any kind are being spread. I have spent more time on the internet than I should have, but it's like any other shopping trip - I find more for myself than I do for anyone else. I've been trying to talk my family into a self-exchange - you buy something for yourself and tell the other person "Look! This is what you got me. Thank you! I love it!" And they do the same. No more wrong sizes, colors, not-my-taste, exchanging things at the mall only to find they are out of everything. The perfect gift.

Ah well. 

May you all have a lovely Christmas!