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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Positively on a Tuesday in August

 by Mauverneen

The past few mornings have been wonderful. Back in June I was running the AC, this week I've been wearing a sweater when I go out in the morning to feed the birds. Of course it quickly warms up, but the cool feels good. 

Yesterday I decided I needed to get rid of a jar of cherries I had brought back from Wisconsin a couple of years ago so figured I should bake a pie - if the cherries were still good. They were. And so was the pie. I took a slice out to the deck with my coffee and enjoyed the early morning. Mama deer brought her fawn out this morning, so that was an extra treat. They see me, but if I don't move, they're okay with my being there. The dogs of course would like to go play with them, so in the house they go so I can enjoy my coffee, the pie, and the deer, in peace. 

There's always something going on out here. The other day I watched a coyote chomping on the apples that fell from my neighbor's tree. I didn't know they liked apples, but this one was sure enjoying them.

My newest neighbor has chickens now and has built a coop - or I should say a hen house. It's a good sized little shed - well built and sturdy. Solid wood. Nice and heavy. He built it on his patio. I doubt that they're going to let the chickens live on the patio, so I'm sure this structure is going to be moved out to the yard at some point. He may have a plan, but I've not seen any lumberjack or body builder types over there, so I hope he has enough help to move the thing. I keep watching. This could get interesting. 

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