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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Positively A Hoot!

 by Mauverneen

The local Wild Birds Unlimited store had an event on Saturday that I positively had to go to. Owls. They had owls. Two beauties - a Great Horned Owl and a Barred Owl. 

What gorgeous creatures, so calm and serene. I just wanted to pet them because they looked so soft. But one look at those beaks and I wouldn't dare try! On the information table there were a couple of 'wings'. They were as soft as I imagined. Too bad I can't have one for a pet. 

I have only ever seen a live owl in the wild once. Last year in fact, while on vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was outside my bedroom window one afternoon. I was hypnotized! 

If you ever see an owl out in the wild - consider yourself lucky!

The owls were provided by Wings and Talons, an organization that provides and cares for raptors in their care, and those in the wild through education and conservation.

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