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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


by Mauverneen
Stacking the firewood
Tis the Season for overindulgences of all sorts – this time of year we generally overeat, overdrink, overspend and overdecorate. I think sometimes we’re just trying to fill in the time until the sunlight returns for more hours in the day and the grass begins to grow again. Mowing gives us something to do.

Summer's End

My garden has been pulled up, the flowers have gone to sleep, the leaves burned. Most of the trees are bare, the frost is on the ground when I wake up in the morning and the hummingbirds are gone.
Hummingbird shadow
Outdoors, it’s an in-between time. Some days are pleasant, others are not. Some days are sunny, some days we get tired of looking at gray skies and mud puddles. Indoors, we hunker down, put on a sweater, look for those gloves, cook up comfort food and make Christmas lists. I look forward to pumpkin pies, hot cocoa, a tree with lights in my living room, longer hours to read in bed, and the first snow. For lack of a fireplace I will light more candles.

A Comforting Quiche
It’s a busy season - with the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the planning. If I feel ambitious I’ll go to the mall, get started on that shopping. If I’m smart, I’ll shop online. And I’ll not forget to make a donation of my time or money to a worthy charity, always wishing I could do more.
Flipping through radio stations in the car the other day, I came across one that was already playing Christmas music 24/7. Ugh. Too early. I’m not big on it anyway – most of it is sad and depressing. I do like the upbeat ones, Feliz Navidad, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Something’s Stuck Up In The Chimney - anything by Mannheim Steamroller. We need a little pick-me-up with our eggnog. It helps us not dwell on Holidays Past and the loved ones we are missing.

A Winter sunset
We all know that the trees go up in the stores way too soon. But for retailers, it’s a short season, so I understand. (Besides, I used to be a professional tree decorator and it takes time to do a few hundred Christmas trees.) But when my neighbor has decorations out in mid-November, I shake my head and join the cry “It’s too early!”. But, ‘tis the season.

Christmas ornaments for sale
It’s the time of year to be nostalgic, generous, and tolerant. To be hopeful, and to be thankful. To raise a toast - To the Season!

Country Road

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  1. Wow - great photos. And they let you burn leaves still? That's punishable by armchair conservationist shame out here.