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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The view of Tenby from my parking spot
by Mauverneen

One of my favorite spots in Wales was the town of Tenby and nearby Caldey Island. I was spending a week driving through Wales, and those were two stops on my itinerary.

Tenby is a lovely old seaside town with remnants of its Medieval walls, sandy beaches (I had been told in Cardiff that Tenby had the best beaches), colorful buildings and wonderful shopping, along with some gorgeous coastal views. As always, I wished I had more time to spend there.
Early morning in Tenby, Wales

I couldn’t believe my good fortune that morning when I found a parking spot along the water. I pulled in, made sure there were no No Parking signs, and not finding any, went on my merry way to explore.

Caldey Island lighthouse
I spent the morning on Caldey Island, a short boat ride from Tenby, wishing I had more time there too. I detoured off the path, wandering through the ruins of the old priory, visited the chocolate shop where the aroma alone was to die for, and walked along the bluffs around the lighthouse. I was charmed by the sign on the old church door of St. David’s regarding swallows nesting inside and I saw seals that morning, sunning themselves on the rocks down below me as I walked along the grassy hills, their loud cries demanding attention. The views were stunning and I did not want to leave.
chocolate making on Caldey Island

Swallows Nesting
I think if you make it to Tenby, you would be remiss to not go to the island – they are both rich in history - and the view of the colorful town from the water is in itself worth the ride.

The sun was warm that afternoon as I strolled through Tenby, in and out of shops, finding souvenirs for my family back home.

I had thought myself fortunate indeed that morning when I found my parking spot but what do you think I found on my windshield when I returned? A parking ticket! I had been so dazzled by the view and my good fortune that I had looked everywhere but down. There on the pavement at my feet was printed the Tenant Parking Only sign. Ah well. My apologies to anyone I may have put out that day – it wasn’t intentional. And my thanks for the use of your spot. I thoroughly enjoyed my day in your beautiful town. I'll be more careful next time.

Shell Seekers of Tenby
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  1. I've always loved seaside towns and now I must add Wales to my "must see list". Through your wonderful writing and lens eye I see there is much to see and the CHOCOLATE....thanks for the calorie-less treat :)! Many thanks for the wonderful virtual vacation with my morning coffee!

  2. Tenby is one of my favourite British seaside towns, for its fabulous beaches, colourful harbourside and its sense of history. I haven't made it across to Caldey Island yet - we always seem to visit too early in the year :(

  3. Lovely images, Maureen. For those considering a visit, where do you recommend lodging?

    Many thanks,


    1. I stayed outside of Tenby. Unfortunately it was only a day stop and I had to move on. I put a link in the above blog - here it is again: Another is
      Click on the first mention of Caldey Island as well, for info on that location.
      In Newport I stayed at Llysmeddig and in Brecon at the Coach House Inn - two places I would highly recommend not only for their lodging, but their excellent food as well! I hope you get there Neil - it's lovely!