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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Crater Lake
by Mauverneen 
It’s National Park Week!

I don’t know how many I’ve actually been to – not many when I look at the entire list – but I can say that I have definately been impressed with the ones I’ve seen. One of the best things the government has ever done for it’s citizens, in my opinion, is to protect and preserve these historic, and natural areas for our enjoyment and the enjoyment of the thousands of foreign visitors they attract each year.
There is at least one National Park per state – many have several. With nearly 400 Parks in the system it’s likely that if you live in the States, you can find a Park within a reasonable distance. My goal this year is to check out the ones closest to me. When exotic, foreign destinations beckon, it’s easy to overlook what is just outside my own backyard.

Lakes and Dunes
Saguaro Cactus

From manmade monuments and historic sites to preserved natural habitats and scenic wonders, the diversity of the Park System is truly impressive.

National Mall, Washington D.C.
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island

You can get in free this week. (through April 25th).  The official website of the National Park Service offers lots of information on the history and locations of the parks. If you live close to, or are going to be doing some traveling that involves visiting any of the Parks, look into purchasing a pass.  It could save you some money. And if you are 62 or older, you can get a Lifetime pass for a mere $10! A bargain for sure!

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