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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


May 13 – 19 is Children’s Book Week. Encouraging children to read is one of the best things adults can do for them.
Books open up new worlds, new friends, new opportunities. As a kid, I was a bookworm. I always had my nose in a book. Being an only child, with books I never lacked for company. I was the only one in my class – maybe even in the school – that looked forward to the Bookmobile. I loved when the bookmobile showed up. Stepping inside the compact space I couldn’t wait to see what books had been added, what new friends awaited me, what new delights I could take home. I don’t think those of us who loved books as kids ever outgrow our love for reading. Even today, I like to end my day propped up in bed, with a good book.

There were always new books at Christmas for my children and I still try to find books I think will catch their fancy. And they often find one for me. Just this Mother’s Day I received that Bird Identification book I’ve been wanting. Proof they DO read my blog!

I wonder, like everyone else, where this whole ‘reading’ thing is headed. Will we still have books?
Or will all reading go electronic? With the portability of Kindles and other readers, and even apps for the cell phone, reading is more accessible than ever. That can’t be all bad. I don’t think the desire to read the written word or the desire to escape into other realms will ever disappear. Only the medium which we use. Certainly the books already printed will still be here, even as more and more of them are ‘printed’ only electronically. But I would miss the smell. The smell of new ink is unmistakable, the scent of old paper - a soothing fragrance.

We don’t have to wait for Christmas though, or birthdays to encourage reading by giving books. This would be a good week, if you have young children, to get them a new book. Just because.

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  1. I love the feel of a book between my hands, especially antique books. Electronic devices have their place, but they will never replace the joy of reading an actual book.