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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Positively Heaven Scent

by Mauverneen
Glorious array of lilacs
I think I know what heaven will smell like.

I made it to the final weekend of the lilac festival in Lilacia Park in Lombard, IL. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid so all I remember was lilac bushes and ladies in beautiful gowns – the lilac queen and her court. While I didn’t see the queen or her princesses this day – the parade was in full swing and I’m sure they were riding in a convertible and waving prettily. 
Parade entry
I could hear the marching bands, the sirens, and cheers from the parade as I headed into the park. It’s a relatively small park, as far as parks go – 8.5 acres - but they have over 700 lilacs and 25,000 tulips! They have had their annual lilac festival since 1930.
Welcome to Lilacia Park
You could smell the lilacs a block away.
There were hundreds of lilacs in various shades, from the lightest hues to the deepest purple, some that bordered on pink, and even one that actually looked blue. I don’t know if they have any in Lilacia park, but I do know there is a new variety of lilac out that blooms twice a year!

outside the park

 Once in the park I inhaled deeply. I was not the only one. People had their noses buried in lilac blooms, and as I strolled, I could hear others inhaling deeply and exhaling with a satisfied sigh. Heaven will smell like Lilacia Park at the height of the lilac bloom.
And then there were the tulips.

Beds of rainbow colored tulips surrounded the lilacs everywhere I turned.  I never knew they came in such variety and assortment of colors. But as beautiful and visually delightful as tulips are they have no scent. The lilacs on the other hand…
Yes, I thought as I left the park ‘Heaven will smell like lilacs’.


This is the last week of the festival as the lilacs and tulips have reached their peak bloom. The park is open year ‘round however - free and open to the public.
Other towns in other states have their own lilac festivals. Check to see if there is one near you. And enjoy a scent of heaven!

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