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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Positively National Dog Day

 by Mauverneen

It’s the dog days of summer and today is National Dog Day. I’m kind of in the dog house with my kids because I don’t have one – makes me feel like the under dog, and being the mom I should  be top dog. It was raining cats and dogs yesterday, but I was dog tired and didn’t get out to shop for one. Besides,I want to be sure I get just the right one for me. After all a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. 

Okay, I’m being facetious about a cause that is actually dear to my heart – dog adoptions, and dog rescue – which is what National Dog Day is all about. I’ve seen the videos of the dog and deer playing together, the dog and the elephant that are best friends, the Pit Bull that rescued the Chihuahua from the coyote – heartwarming all. And there are plenty of movies and books about dogs - some of which end badly and I don’t like that.

Two excellent dog books that I highly recommend are:
Suspect  by Robert Crais (soon to be a major motion picture) 
Nop’s Trials  by Donald McCaig 

I was on the fence about getting another dog for a long time. We become so attached; they’re more than pets – they’re family and it’s heartbreaking when we lose them. But I am definitely ready for another one. I have had a number of dogs in my family, some were mine and some belong to other members of my family. I love them all. I miss the ones that are gone – terribly – but am so grateful for the time they were in my life. They’re pets, they’re companions, they’re friends. They are also the excuse we need to get some exercise – they need to be walked! And when we treat them well, they give us so much in return!

So here’s to man’s best friend! And if you are considering a dog in your future, please check out your local shelters and rescues! There are so many dogs that have been mistreated, or have never been loved and they are so grateful when they find their ‘forever homes’.

Doggone! I want a dog!

Find out more about National Dog Day here

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