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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Positively Witchy!

by Mauverneen

Witches at the Mansion
 My daughter and I decided to attend Witches Night Out. I had seen flyers in previous years and thought it would be fun but never made it. This year it moved from a downtown Joliet venue to the Jacob Henry Mansion, a Gothic looking Renaissance Revival 3 story built in 1873. A cross between elegant and spooky - what better setting could there be?

As we drove up the street we passed witches in cars and witches on foot – nary a broomstick in sight. What fun to see groups of witches heading to a party.
A good night to Witch Watch

Huge iron gates opened to the grounds, where witches mingled and danced and cavorted, drinking various brews – brandied cider and toadstool martinis among them. ‘Bonfires’ were scattered around the grounds – firepits, where witches could sit and conjure up spells or just chat with friends.

We both dressed as witches of course, but there are witches and then there are witches! More than a couple of these ladies went all out with their costumes. There was a red witch, one or two white witches and one woman came dressed as the sea witch from The Little Mermaid – complete with tentacles on the hem of her gown. I'm already planning next year's outfit.

A pretty pair
Of course there is a costume contest with several categories; Best Hat, Best Over-all, Best Make up, Most Wicked and Most Creative. And the hats – some of them were pretty impressive. Vendors of all sorts filled the rooms of the mansion and the ballroom (a newer, recently added single story building used as a banquet hall) complete with a porch to sit on and witch watch. And of course there were tarot card readers upstairs in the mansion.  

Fun Hat!
It was a good time for a good cause. The proceeds benefit several local agencies that help women in need. The Joliet Witches Night Out committee is a group of volunteers who in only five years have managed to raise a cumulative $100,000 for charity - proving that not all witches are bad.
If you find a witches night out in your neck of the woods – do try to attend. I’m sure you’ll have a positively bewitching time!

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