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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Positively May!

by Mauverneen

April showers bring May flowers. From the sight of the first crocus to the fragrant lilacs and lilies of the valley, we know spring is here! While I do love seeing all those colorful blossoms and catching whiffs of their wonderful fragrances, the birds are also harbingers of summer’s pending arrival.

We all get just a tad excited when we spot that first Robin. Then comes the finch, or the bunting, or the oriole and finally – the hummingbirds!

I can sit for hours just watching the birds and the occasional butterfly. It’s a temptation I most often have to resist. But on a lazy weekend day I do tend to indulge myself. Add in my camera and I’m a happy person. Time loses all meaning.

Just this past Sunday I spent a couple of hours crouched down over the lilies of the valley. It rained overnight and I was enthralled by the raindrops on the leaves and the tiny bell shaped flowers. And I am so positively grateful for digital cameras. I can take thousands of pictures and not have to pay for film and developing.

So, here are a few photos on the gentleness of spring. And…another poem – must be all that fresh spring air clearing out my head.

The month that gives us showers, makes way for sun and flowers
So many in a purple hue, like lilacs, crocus, violets too.

The tulip is a sign of spring, reaching up so high,
Joined by jonquils happy face, they smile towards the sky.

On trees leaves sprout, so small and green and blossoms soon unfold
To banish winter’s dreariness and chase away the cold.

They hide the nests of tiny birds who flit and fly and sing
Happy in their hideaways till babies can take wing.

Scents of spring fill my soul as I inhale deep
Fresh cut grass, a far-off rain - sweet memories to keep.

Happy Spring!

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