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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Positively Paint Nite!

by Mauverneen

For Mothers day my youngest daughter Rachel gave me the gift of a night out. She signed us up for a ‘paint night.’ In case you haven’t heard of ‘paint night’ or ‘Paint Nite’ it’s becoming increasingly popular. Maybe because there’s wine involved. In any case – it’s fun!

What it is – for those who may not know – is a paint class of sorts. Everyone paints a picture, following the instructions and the sample provided by a local artist. Most places show the painting you will be doing on their site, so you can pick the one you would like to paint beforehand, and sign up for that night’s session. A lot of them get sold out. And you get to drink wine or martinis as you paint. That could be so that you think your painting looks better than it really does, but whatever.
She picked me up and we drove out to the nearby pub where this particular paint night was being held. We had a bite to eat and then moved into the next room, our glasses of Chardonnay in hand. Tables were lined with canvasses propped up on small easels - a plate of paint and a set of brushes beside each one. We slipped into our chairs. After a few brief instructions, we began to paint.

I have painted before – watercolors, which continually frustrate me, and oils – which I have done okay with. These were acrylics, which I found I liked. Which is not to say I mastered them, only that I like working with them.
Trying to master control and technique
 The evening progressed, everyone had another drink, and everyone was happy. Looking around, it was amazing that even though we were all painting the same painting, every single one was different. Individual style!

 At the end of the night, everyone took home a painting and some good memories. Although my painting will probably never end up on my wall I cherish it for it will always remind me of time spent with my daughter. And that is always the best part of any day.  

Our completed masterpieces
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