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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


by Mauverneen

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy this gloriously colored season.  I had a friend who once said she would like to work her way down from Maine to Florida during the fall, just to be able to make the season last longer.

Leaf peeping is a time-honored activity, and a drive into the country or through the park is on many an agenda this time of year. There are special tours and trains with scenic rides into some of the more well-known areas for fall color. It seems everyone out there has a camera, or a tablet or a cell phone, trying to capture those irresistible colors. A recent drive through the Morton Arboretum was like being in a parade. And this was on a weekday!    

Autumn is amazing.

I have another little poem for you – my own ode to Autumn. And of course, some photos. Enjoy! 

Autumn’s Glory by Mauverneen

I’ve said before, and it is true - Autumn is my favorite hue
Not just yellow, red or green, but every shade in between
From shades of green they’ve gone instead to burgundy, vermillion, red
Intensity of colors change – vibrant even in the rains
I cannot pick my favorite one, they are so masterfully done
The leaves may fall, ‘tis sad but true
But come the spring they’ll bud anew
Alive in color and fragrance sweet, and greens will once again repeat.
But I’ve said before, and it is true - Autumn is still my favorite hue.

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