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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Positively The Day After

by Mauverneen

It's all over but the exchanging.

There is a saying that goes something like this
Everyone brightens a room - some by their coming into it, others by their going out.

The same can be said of holidays - We love to see them come, but we are often just as glad to see them go, too. Christmas, with all those brightly colored packages under the tree gives way to garbage bags full of brightly colored wads of paper and bows. (Do you save your bows? We always did - I still do sometimes.) 

Does everyone feel as lazy as I do today? I just want to lounge around in my pj's, drinking coffee and eating some of those cookies I was too full to eat after yesterday's feast and admiring my gifts, one by one, and think about trying on any new sweaters - later. Sometimes everything is wrong - wrong size, wrong color, wrong gift! And other times everything is perfect. All your gifts are perfect for you and all the gifts you've given are perfect for those who received them. That's when it makes basking in the glow from the Christmas tree lights so special. The thought that 'I did good -

I made someone happy'. And that, I think, is what makes a good Christmas. Making someone happy.

May you have a Positively Lazy day, and may all your memories of Christmases past be happy ones.

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  1. Totally feeling lazy...and I'm at work. But the work pace is not as hectic as it's been, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the leisurely pace. :)