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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Positively Counting Down

by Mauverneen

Happy Positively Tuesday. It's only three weeks until Christmas! Is it too early to enter panic mode?

There is so much to be done. Writing cards, shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating...I put my Christmas tree up over the weekend so that's done, and I actually have started shopping. Well, not really shopping, but my Christmas 'browsing'. I'm not a shopper. Some people love it. I don't. So when I do hit the stores I always end up finding more for myself than for anyone on my list. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I'm always asked for my Christmas list by my daughters. I have a hard time coming up with one. So much of what I want is outside anyone I know's budget. Antique car? New house? Trip to Alaska? Maybe I should just ask for lottery tickets.

Three weeks. My youngest daughter and I have a date set to bake cookies. It has become a tradition. One I look forward to. It's fun. Especially since we usually sip mimosas while we're at it. We make lots of cookies and then divvy them up to share with family. We have our standbys and occasionally, we try something new. Sometimes the new ends up on the list of what we have to bake, sometimes we shrug our shoulders and say 'Oh well.'

I've been doing more and more online shopping. It's so convenient. And it's easier to find unique gifts. I really like finding something fun to give, but when it comes down to last minute shopping that's too late for on-time delivery, I usually go for sweaters. I've given lots of sweaters.

Three weeks. Maybe it's not too late to find something besides a sweater. Unless of course, anyone asks for one.
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