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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Positively Festive

by Mauverneen
Being involved in a kitchen remodeling project, I haven't done much else these past several weeks - including getting any shopping done. But the other evening, I took a little time to drive through two Christmas related events, conveniently located just a half mile apart.

The first stop was United Methodist Church in New Lenox to see their Living Nativity. They did this a couple of years ago and I thought it was quite impressive, so I was delighted to see it was back again. The church is located in a historic old campground, a lovely wooded plot of land. Upon entering the grounds, volunteers greeted the visitors, providing them with a CD to play as you drive through. The CD told the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, explaining each stop along the way. At the end, another set of volunteers collected the CDs and invited everyone inside for cookies and hot chocolate.

I really liked this, but wish they could find some way to better light the stations. Caesar Augustus seated on a throne was the first stop - or station - and the CD explained the call for a census. Following stops included shepherds, centurions, an inn with no room, angels, and of course, the Nativity scene.

Just down the road, the Village of New Lenox lit up the Village Green. And boy, do I mean lit it up. Wow! Is it ever impressive! A million lights decorate the trees, and lighted giant ornaments dot the area. There is also an impressive 40 ft tall Santa. (Santa alone is made up of over 18,000 lights.) Kids can mail their letters to him at an oversized mailbox. This year there is a Christmas market, with several vendors. Nearby parking is plentiful, and many families were walking the Commons, enjoying the beautiful display.

Mom couldn't get out of the car, but she certainly enjoyed the lights, as did my aunt and I. Kind of put us in the Christmas spirit. A perfect time to go home and enjoy some cookies and hot chocolate and dream of all those beautiful lights.

It's not too late to enjoy something festive - go, and positively have fun!

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