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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Positively Quarantined

by Mauverneen

There is really nothing positive about being quarantined - but we have to remember we are all in this together.

 I'm not looking forward to being cooped up in the house for weeks, but I really don't have much choice. I have cancelled a planned April vacation, and the social activities that were on my calendar, including my daughter's birthday celebration.  I'm reposting a lot of funny stuff on FB - not because I take this lightly. I do not. But because we all need a laugh. It helps.
I am keeping my distance and staying home. My aunt is staying with me during this time and I must admit, it's nice to have someone to talk to. But nothing keeps us from going for a drive, as long as we stay in the car and don't talk to strangers. Taking a drive is one way to beat the cabin fever.
So, the other day we got in the car and went looking for photo ops. There are several nearby parks where we often see birds or deer, or other small wildlife.
While we were out it started to snow. At first we weren't happy about it, but it did paint our world with a whole different perspective. Maybe these photos will calm you. At least they'll be a change of scene.
A lone walker on the walking path braves the snow

These hay bales have been capturing my attention - they look different through the falling snow

These grasses are gorgeous - I love how they look with the snow on them 
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