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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Positively May Tuesday

by Mauverneen

I saw her just inside the edge of the woods - where the mowed grass gives way to the weeds and the brambles and the trees grow undisturbed. The morning sun shone on her rust colored body, making a beautiful image for me to carry through the day. She looked different though, tense, standing more still than usual.

She walked slowly - very slowly - eventually coming out from the safety of the high grass and the tree limbs. Usually she looks around, then nibbles at the grass, or the branches, and moves on, but today she stood more still, more erect, more alert.

She took a few more steps, and then, behind her, out from the woods came her tiny fawn. Barely able to walk, it followed it's mother out into the grass. They moved slowly across the open space, eventually disappearing into the unmowed field, no doubt feeling safe once again.

It was a beautiful morning. Have a beautiful day.

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