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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Positively Routine

by Mauverneen

Hi there! I haven't been posting very regularly of late, but life has been pretty - boring. Even though it is boring, I sometimes don't know where the time goes.
I have my routine. When I first get up I make a pot of coffee, then I take my dog outside, then I fill the bird feeders. So far, nothing's changed - quarantine or no quarantine. I must admit to spending more time watching the birds though, and attempting to chase the squirrels. But they are bolder and don't run far when I make noise and, quickly return. A losing battle.

I have been attempting some painting. I started out with colored pencils, just to test my hand at drawing, then I moved on to watercolor pencils. I was using them too much like regular pencils and laying down too much color. But I've been practicing and I think I have found the technique. I'm not saying I'm any good at it, but at least I know what to do now. I think. I bought the pencils thinking they might be easier than regular watercolor paints, because I have never been able to do any good at all in that department, but I feel a bit more confident and think I am ready to break out the tubes! We shall see.
Anyone else around here bored with the rain? I have my plants, but can't get them in the ground - my garden space is nothing but a swamp! I don't think my plants will survive if I do get them in. I'm trying to come up with other options. I've been keeping them inside, but put them out this morning for a little bit of moisture.

If you're wondering about that first picture...
One cool thing I have found is this: If you cut the core of a bunch of leaf lettuce and put it in a container with just enough water to reach the bottom, it will grow! And quickly! I happened to have some leaf lettuce so I thought I'd give it a try. (the container is small - an empty OUI Yogurt) I think it won't be long until I can have a leaf or two on a sandwich.

Have a good week and stay healthy!

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  1. I will definitely try that with leaf lettuce. Thanks for the great tip. :)