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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Positively Gifted

by Mauverneen

Yesterday morning I found this feather. It was centered on a chair by my back door. It seemed like a gift.

Most mornings after I've taken my dog out and fed the birds I come sit in this chair. I sit and watch birds, or deer, or just enjoy a cup of coffee and relish the stillness and the quiet of early morning.

This chair is up against the house, under the overhang. It's not out in the open where an unexpected feather might happen to land. So to find this one, so perfectly placed, was surprising. Some people believe in signs, or spiritual messages, but nothing obvious comes to mind. I wish it did.

I love feathers. I love finding them. I admit to saving the pretty ones, or the big ones, or the unusual ones. I have quite the collection. Nothing exotic mind you, just a handful of discarded feathers that I like. It seemed like a gift. I wish I knew from who.

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