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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Positively February

 by Mauverneen

Happy February!

My backyard. Notice the birds on the table off the deck. 

 The shortest month of the year. That means just a little bit less winter. We just had our big snowfall of the year - about 9". Typical for a "big" winter storm in these parts. Some people had a lot more, but 9" is enough. Believe me. 

Locals may well remember this store. It's a sturdy yardstick!

My wonderful neighbor and his two young sons have been keeping my driveway cleared. It's about 90 feet long. Which means they do theirs and then they do mine. They are awesome neighbors. I had to say thank you somehow, so I baked them an apple pie. I hope they like apple pie.

February brings Valentine's Day - the 14th, and Mardi Gras - the 16th. I've had my Mardi Gras wreath on my door since I took took the Christmas one down. 

Mardi Gras! I love the colors! And the sparkle! 

I keep the birds fed - a little more seed in the feeders this time of year. It's so cold. And the feeders are swarmed with birds of all kinds. I have my camera set up in a window, hoping to take some good photos. I've taken a lot of photos. 

Well, there's still feed in the feeder, and I know I'm missing something so I will go pour my self another cup of coffee and stand watch at that window. Oh, and I have apple pie. You don't think I wouldn't make one for myself while I was at it do you? 

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  1. Our Christmas tree comes down this weekend. Love the sparkle in the wreath! <3