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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Positively Photographing Birds ( in Winter)

 by Mauverneen

I love watching my birds and I love photographing them. And in winter, it's a good pastime to help pass time. That said, I have to add - they are a challenge. They're quick. And unpredictable. And uncooperative. And infuriating. So often by the time I get my camera focused on them, they are gone. Lots of blurry shots. Delete, delete, delete. Digital was invented for times like these. So, I set my camera up on the tripod and pick a spot. 

I decide to focus on the feeder they have been swarming. They all decide to land on the branch and take a look first. Make sure it's safe. Ok. So I focus on the branch where about 50 of them have just taken turns sitting. They all decide to bypass the branch and go directly to the feeder. Ok, back to focusing on the branch. They all decide to bypass the branch and go directly...  

And so it goes. Somehow they know. Somehow, they know.

But I still love them so I will be back tomorrow, or later today, or just stay here for another hour and keep trying. They have issued the challenge.  

As I pour myself another cup of coffee I can see out the window. A bird. A beautiful bird. Sitting perfectly still right where my camera is focused. Of course.  But am I there, hand on the trigger? Of course not. I took 15 seconds to go pour myself some coffee.

Sometimes I get lucky. Luck, along with doses of patience and perseverance. And maybe a little sympathy on the part of the bird. After all, they know. I know that they know.

There is one species however that will sit and pose happily as long as there is seed available. The Gray Long-tailed Wannabe! 

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