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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Positively Leprechauns!

 by Mauverneen

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. What better time for a little Leprechaun fun. Did you know Ireland has a National Leprechaun Museum? In Dublin. I couldn't visit Ireland without seeing that! Right? 

There was a nice, friendly group that I entered with, and the guide was fun; telling stories and encouraging us to participate in the inter-active aspects of the museum tour.  We assembled in a room filled with displays on leprechauns and their influence on literature, movies, folk lore, etc. There was even a box of Lucky Charms on display! Remember those?

Traditional leprechaun attire
Traditional Leprechaun attire

We entered a room where we became leprechaun size...All the furniture was oh-so-big. and everyone enjoyed climbing on it

There were other scenes and plenty of stories, and of course, the pot of gold awaited anyone who could actually get hold of it. The museum and the contents are designed for fun - children would love it!

 Of course the museum wasn't the only place in Ireland where there were signs of the wee folk. 

And I did see a rainbow, which if I'd have had time to follow, might have led me to that Pot 'O Gold! I think whoever lives in that house must be pretty lucky!

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