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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

A Positively Tuesday

 by Mauverneen

A terrible pic but you can see how handsome he was! Admiring himself in a mirror.

I had a sweet little dream last night about birds - of all things. Someone was selling parakeets and I was looking at them wondering if I should get one. I spotted the cutest little green baby bird and decided that was the one. However, my aunt was there too and it became a bit of a competition as to who would actually get to take the bird home. We both wanted it. 

I actually had a green parakeet once, when my girls were little. His name was Gizmo and we had him longer than we should have, as he lived to a very old bird age. He was adorable. And quite smart.

Sometimes, a thing tears you in two directions. Such as owning a bird. Are they meant to be caged? As much as we love them, is it fair to them? Of course, a caged bird knows no other life. And sometimes, an injured bird will be taken in to heal and end up staying a captive creature for its own good.

I'd really like to have another parakeet. But I have all the birds outside my window to enjoy. 

Hmm, maybe I need to try and figure out if there was a message in that dream. 

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