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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Positively Courage

 by Mauverneen

I've been thinking about the word courage lately. I think most of us associate it with some great act of heroism. It takes courage to run into a burning building to save someone, it takes courage to jump into a body of water to save someone from drowning. There are great acts of courage in war. But sometimes, courage isn't noticed nor is it even recognized. 

I once saw a woman in a wheelchair (non-motorized) wheeling herself down the sidewalk and across a busy street. I watched in awe thinking to myself  'Now THAT'S courage.' THAT picture should be on a poster of what courage is'. 

Courage can mean speaking up, it can be standing up for what you believe in, it can mean speaking out on someone's behalf. It can mean doing the right thing, or taking that first step.

And sometimes courage is even simpler than that. Sometimes it takes courage to get through the day. Sometimes it takes courage to just get out of bed. Sometimes, it takes all we've got to come face to face with - life.

Have courage my friends, have courage. 

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