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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Positively Shadowy

by Mauverneen

Shadows fascinate me.  

For photographers, shadows can provide depth. At sunset, as the light becomes golden, the shadows grow long. That can make for some gorgeous shots. But I'm not talking about shadows that enhance a scene, I'm talking about the shadow itself. Not silhouettes. Although, yes, I guess they are silhouettes, but they are actual shadows, not just darkened images of an object itself.

Particularly intriguing to me are the shadows on the wall. I have photographed shadows on my wall more than once. Shadows of plants dance across the walls, teasing my imagination. Often they look like actual scenes, or sometimes, something other than what they really are. The other day my attention was caught by my own shadow as I walked through the room, coffee cup in hand. Does it look domestic? Or mysterious? Benign? Or foreboding?

I think that is what captures my fancy. The 'something other' that sparks the imagination. What is it really? or - What do I think it is? 

What do YOU see?

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