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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Positively Storm Watching - or not

 by Mauverneen

"Climate is what we expect. Weather is what we get."     -Mark Twain

Predicting the weather

Well, here it is, the first day of February. We're under yet another winter storm watch - or warning - or false alarm. Expecting 4 - 8 inches of snow - or a light dusting. Maybe a flurry. Or possibly rain. Which means I will have to call over a snow plow to clear my drive - or get the broom out to sweep the walk. Or make sure the back up sump pump is working. 

The snow plows are already going back and forth on the main roads (it's 7 am). I'm not sure why - the snow isn't expected to start until this evening. Planning out their route? Getting to the gas station? Until then, it'll be sunny and fairly mild. Sheesh! We've had so many false alarms we've become a bit jaded. But then, there is always that possibility that the snow might actually accumulate to predicted levels. The chance that this time the forecasters will be right. Which means we must join the mobs at the grocery store. We have to be ready to hunker. 

So, my grocery list looks something like this. Wine, coffee, donuts, bird seed, and a frozen pizza. I've already gotten enough toilet paper from my previous pre-storm runs but it never hurts to be sure. I'll pick up another pack. If I was a hoarder I'd get two. Cases. They did lift the limits. 

Talking about the weather

Dealing with the weather

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