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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas everyone.

 I hope for those of you who hung up stockings before you went to bed last night that there were nice things inside. No coal I assume. For those of you who do not celebrate the holiday, may your own holiday be filled with love and peace. And if you have no holiday, I hope you have an excellent day!

Christmas is a spirit – a spirit of giving. Whether it’s in the name of Jesus, or St. Nick, or Santa. We all strive to find the right gift, be generous to the point of overindulgence. We donate to the Salvation Army bell ringers or send in a check to our favorite charity. But perhaps it is our overindulgence that makes us realize there are people less fortunate. And so we share.

I wish we could spread this giving spirit around – make it last all year. Maybe we can make that New Year’s Resolution a week early - try to be more understanding, more generous, more positive – more often!
Meantime, enjoy the cookies!

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  1. Wonderful post! Your words were music to my ears, words I hope will ring true throughout the New Year. It takes one to start and more will follow...I will follow your lead to be more understanding, more generous and more positive in 2013. Thank you Mauverneen!