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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It’s Positively Tuesday!
After days on end of gray skies and damp weather it was a nice surprise to wake up to sunshine and a light dusting of snow. Nothing you would call ‘measurable’ but it was there all the same. With the sun shining, it will be gone shortly. But for the moment, it’s pretty.
A light dusting
I don’t mind the snow – it’s the cold that does me in. Frigid temps that make breathing painful, ice-covered steps that cause falls, ‘black ice’ on the roads that cause accidents. But maybe all that cold helps us appreciate the warm days, just as the cloudy days make us appreciate a sunny one.
Ice covered branches
Conversely, I know some areas of the world have too much sun and fully appreciate the rare rain that they get. It’s too bad it’s not possible to spread out the good stuff a little more evenly.

Foggy morning
I used to see deer almost daily in the woods behind the house here. Mostly they came for the apples in the neighbor’s yards. But now winter’s here - the apples are gone and we rarely see them. A buck wandered through the other day, making his way slowly across the property to get from one corner of the woods to another. I was so very happy to see him. There have been hunters around.
An Awesome Buck!

The squirrels are still here of course, and some of the birds. The hummingbirds of course have gone south, but the hardier ones will be here year round. The cardinals are my favorite. That flash of bright red is hard to resist.

Yes, it’s Positively Tuesday. Another day. Another chance at life. Another opportunity to appreciate the joys and the beauties of this world. And they are there. Even in the cold, even in the rain or the ice or the blinding heat. It’s a beautiful world. Let’s do our best to keep it that way.
And as I end this post, I look out my window just in time to see two deer disappearing into the trees. A beautiful world indeed!


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