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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Getting packed
I’m planning a short road trip - heading to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days. I already know it won’t be enough time, but it’s a getaway none the less.  We’re hoping for smooth roads, no traffic jams and of course, good weather.

Road trips call out to a lot of us this time of year, don’t they? Actually, to me it’s more of a scream than a whisper. Come on! What are you waiting for?? Get going! There's nothing like the promise of an open road stretching out in front of you.
Arizona calling
This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway, the first paved coast to coast highway. Several car clubs are commemorating the anniversary with road trips along it's 3,142 miles. The Classic Car Club of America has already gone from Times Square to the Golden Gate Bridge and The Lincoln Highway Association has 140 cars coming from both coasts to meet in Kearney, NE for the celebration on June 30th. Talk about the Trip of a Lifetime!

Too bad the road doesn’t go anywhere near my destination or I would definitely drive a part of it. It does run right through my hometown though, but I never realized what a historical piece of Americana it is until recently. I’m not sure how many folks were lucky enough to catch the Classics as they rolled through town, but it must have been a jaw dropping sight to see 30 or 40 1920 and 30’s era cars cruise by. I caught up with them in Geneva, IL where they spent two nights, did some tours of Chicago and other local sights before moving on.

CCCA stops for the night
Super highways and Interstates are great for getting from one spot to another, but you miss so much. The old roads went through the heart of America – the big towns and the small ones, when we still had mom and pop gas stations where you could get a popsicle and downtowns, and family run motels and restaurants and you could pull off to the side of the road to buy a quilt from a woman’s front porch or a watermelon off the back of a truck. Back in the day when it wasn’t all about the destination, but about the trip.

Small town Illinois
I’m looking forward to my road trip - It’s been too long since the last one. Although I will be driving the interstates I plan on pulling off to see some of the sights along the way. Maybe I’ll hit some back roads in South Carolina and see where they lead me. There’s always the potential for adventure around the next bend in the road - and the chance to find an authentic American craftsman selling his wares off his front porch. Something that would look good next to my quilt.

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  1. Maureen,
    Great inspirational post! Road trips are a excellent way to explore and really see life along the roads. Enjoy your trip!

  2. I LOVE that last shot of the rolling field with the barn. Very nice.