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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


by Mauverneen

Another Positively Tuesday! I hope everyone is Positively looking forward to all the joys that Christmas brings. Decorated trees, carols, lights, fresh baked cookies, time with those we love, and Christmas shopping. Shopping? Who looks forward to that!?

I’m hoping to make YOUR shopping a little easier. Did you know I have a line of note cards of my photos? Well, I do! Take a peek and maybe you can scratch  one or two names off your list. Teachers, friends, gift exchanges, thank you gift or hostess gift – my cards are professionally printed and boxed for gift giving. You can see the full line on my website.

Most of my photos are available as prints also. Contact me if you’ve seen something in one of my blogs that you’d like a quote on. I also have prints available at Fine Art America  and right here on my photo pages where I’m going to be adding new prints daily. All in time for the holidays.

Thanks for letting me have a minute to promote my work. Now, on with today’s Positively Delightful blog!


I really dislike shopping. It usually ends with me spending money.  I don’t really need any new clothes. Most of the stuff I buy isn’t something I need.  But I pick up what looks good, sounds tasty or is on a sale too good to pass up. And Christmas shopping? I brave the crowds trying to find just the right gift. And if I don’t find it I select something I think will work for whoever it is intended for and grapple with my conscience (it’s only a few dollars more than what I was going to spend) and my good judgement (she doesn’t really ever wear this color. But it’s so cute! So Her! But will it fit? Looks big. I hope it fits.) Sound familiar?

I usually find more things for myself than for anybody else. I’m always tempted to buy MYSELF presents – and tell everyone what they bought me. No wrestling with my inner self, no lugging heavy shopping bags to the car, no trying to find the right size box, no hours spent wrapping them. Just a nice comfy smug feeling that I just got what I wanted.  Face it, if you spent $30 per gift times the 10 people on your list (I’m not counting kids and toys here – just grownups) that’s $300. What would I buy myself for $300? Probably a plane ticket or a couple of nights somewhere wonderful.  


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving people gifts. It’s fun to come across something you just know so-and-so is going to love! But when you’re shopping for a whole bunch of people and you’ve got to find them all the perfect gift in just a couple of weeks – well, it just doesn’t usually happen.

There is a movement to buy local this holiday season. A positively great idea. This year more than ever I’m trying to buy local. It helps my community and my country. Gift certificates to local restaurants (not the chains), tickets to a play or a concert – there are excellent local productions all around. Local musicians you’ve enjoyed have CD’s!  Exercise, zumba? Massage, Spa day?  How about a book by a local author, a piece of artwork, pottery or jewelry from a local artist. You’ll find plenty of them at the dozens of craft fairs going on this time of year. There's always the corner florist and you might even have a local winery.  How about a candy store or bakery? Here in my town we have those, and a candle maker – the only place I ever get my candles.
Gifts should come from the heart. And it doesn’t hurt to help out your neighbor in the bargain. And while you're at it, throw a little something in there for the bell ringers.

Have a positively wonderful holiday season! Whatever holiday you’re celebrating.

Here are a couple of links to some wonderful retailers in my neck of the woods. Lucky you - they ship!

Marley Candles. Just stepping inside is aroma therapy!
Dan’s Candies. The caramels are to die for!
Door Peninsula Winery. I really am mad about their mango!
Bath, Body and Skin Care. You won’t believe how good you’ll smell!

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