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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Positively Perfect Pairings

by Mauverneen

Wine and cheese, Beer and Brats, Antique cars and horses – I don’t know, somehow they go together.
Looks more like a champagne car than a beer car

It was billed as guy’s day out at the Arlington Park Race Track – cars, horse racing and beer tasting. Personally I don’t drink beer. I could have tasted those beers all day and they would all taste the same to me – like beer. But antique cars? Horses? Love ‘em!

Cars Cars Cars
One of the ‘hats’ I wear is that of editor of the newsletter for the Greater Illinois Region of the Classic Car Club of America, which was invited to provide the cars for this particular event. Being a club event, I needed to cover it. No arm twisting needed here.

Lining them up
Horses exercised on the track while the cars lined up in the parking lot and people milled about. Once exercising was over, they opened the gate and parked the cars, which took a bit of time.

It was a gorgeous summer day! Bands played, people lined up for beer tastings, admired the cars, and played the ponies.

Hard push to the finish line
I had a little luck there. I like the names some of those race horses are given, and looking through the program, I’d pick out a name or two I liked – not a good way to pick a winner, I’m sure. But once I saw the horses, all bets were off – so to speak. That one looks like a winner…. That one looks fast….what a beauty! So I picked horses I thought looked like they wanted to race. I had about four winners, and only one real loser (it came in 5th). Although I did not bet every race, I should have! At the end of the day I was down $4.00. Where else could I have an entire day of fun for $4.00 – even a movie would have been more expensive.

It's going to be a photo finish!
Incidentally, I even found a beer that I liked! It didn’t taste at all like beer. It was pear! Actually, it was Crispin’s hard cider, so maybe that doesn’t even count as beer. Anyway, maybe my friendly neighborhood bartender will have some on hand next time I stop in….

Now that's a beer truck!

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